Josh Ambush

Information Technology Management

A software developer specializing in business and Information Technology Management.

About Me

I'm a highly motivated and accomplished college student working towards a degree in Business Administration specializing in Information Technology Management. Since an early age, my passion for the intersection of business and technology has driven me to achieve great heights.

I started by assisting my grandparent's limousine company in Frederick, Maryland, by maintaining their computer systems. This experience showcased my innate ability to apply my knowledge and skills to practical situations. After relocating to Pittsburgh, I immersed myself in the local tech scene, networking with software engineers and senior system scientists. My diligence and persistence paid off when I secured an internship at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, where I honed my software engineering skills.

My reputation as a capable and driven young professional grew rapidly, leading to exciting opportunities. I contributed to a Bill Gates-funded project at Duquesne University, researching educational technology for underprivileged students. Additionally, I served as the CTO at an early-stage internet startup called Peerigee, managing a software team in developing an MVP for a social media app called Me-2-U. These experiences culminated in my promotion to software developer at CMU's CREATE lab, where I contributed to the development of technologies addressing critical issues such as air quality and housing inequities.

Currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Business from WGU, I continue to hone my skills and pursue my passion for creating positive social change through technology and business. My exceptional track record and versatility make me an invaluable asset to any organization, and my dedication to excellence and innovation inspires those around me. My commitment to professional growth and positive impact undoubtedly positions me for even greater success in the future.