Diagnosed networking problems at the neighborhood computer club.

For my neighborhood computer club, I created a device that monitors the network and tells the members when the wifi is down and why. If the network is down the ping turns red and notifies them of the issue. If the network is online, the ping remains green. This was around the time I first started getting professionally involved in the tech industry and was one of the first projects I worked on using my skills of computer programming and robotics to create something that had a real-world impact. The Computer club now has a better experience on the wifi.

Tracking internet trolling

I’ve scraped over 3 million + articles and profiles to research internet trolling and racism. That algorithm/scraper runs 24/7 every day scraping thousands of profiles from

Troll Track is an online platform I created that lets visitors monitor online behaviors and discussion interactions. Trolls make it hard for people to have open and fair conversations over the internet! With Troll Track, visitors can view the toxic nature of discussions and profiles before they engage.

Build servers at CMU CREATE Lab

For the Lab where I am currently a Software engineer (CREATE Lab), I spent a week volunteering to build ten servers for a platform called EarthTime which displays time-lapsed satellite imagery and visualizes data geographically on maps. The servers I built are now responsible for storing millions of JPG images for that project. Some of the servers were sent to museums in other countries

Emancipatory R+D  Duquesne University

I worked on the Emancipatory R+D project as a contract software engineer. I was tasked to collect data about Pittsburgh public school district funding for Ed-tech products, tools, and software.